Do you own your own business?

Here I am talking specifically about the business of tinting windows.

If you run your own window tinting business, whether it's flat glass or auto, the principle stays the same. This is one of the cheapest operation to set up, your investment is in some tools, perhaps $200, a phone, a vehicle and film you buy, as needed. Anyone can do it!

When I was 25, I bought my own first business. It was a Bakery. I had to commit to a lease for the premises for a number of years, I had to purchase all the machinery, ovens, tools, shop fittings and so on. It cost me a lot of money, and the risk of failure is always present. I had all this investment to lose, tens of thousands. The shop had to open every day, except Sundays, we had to produce quality products every day, put them on display and throw away the leftovers every day. No exception. Did I walk away? No. Why? Because I could not afford to. Simple. It was hard work, hot work, long hours. Did I enjoy it? Yes I did, because it gave me a sense of achievement. After a few years, family became more important, so we sold and I moved into the corporate world of baking.

Why did I tell you my story? Because it illustrates responsibility.

When I started my own window tinting business, I approached it with the same attitude. Again, it was hard work and I had to learn so many things. (In fact, I still learn new things all the time) The first few years were particularly hard, as I had to establish myself. I could have given up many times, just walk away. Sometimes I lost money on a job, when things went wrong. You learn.

I have seen many people coming into the trade over the years. Moving into Window Film Distribution, we have helped people into building very successful businesses, and we have seen even more people fail.

Why did they fail? There are a number of reasons, but in essence, 3 big ones:

I will elaborate on each later.

Watch this space.....

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