Sleepout needed privacy

What a beautiful country we live in!
I had a little job to do in Pauanui and the drive down Coromandel was just so nice... not a cloud in the sky.... clear skies without any pollution...

The sleepout is in a very open place and needed some privacy. The film that was chosen is NS15 and works a treat.

Although, in reality, the reflection is far less than it appears here.

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Frosted film to tidy up things...

The balustrade showed the bottom of the deck and made this house look untidy.

After using Avery Etch, the deck was presented in a much better light, without being obvious.

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One Way Vision Film

We often get asked about one-way vision. We are talking about internal glass, such as an office looking out into a shop. Sometimes it simply can't work, if the light is too strong on the observer side (where you want to see from) and too dim on the other side.
In this instance, it works really well, because the shop is very bright, the office a little dimmer.
The film is reflective towards the shop and grey at the back, reducing the reflection in the office.
Sometimes, the addition of white or frosted stripes at the front, confuses the eye and makes it harder to see into the back, thus improving the results. I have also seen the use of perforated film to work well.
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Crazy neighbours?

What do you do, if you have neighbours peeping over fences, day in day out?
You have no control over who lives in your neighbourhood.
Here is a suggestion to get your life back:
Have your windows frosted. Let the light in, and keep the creeps out!

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Tint Waikato & Tint Solutions happy to be involved with ASWF

American Standard Window Film (ASWF) has just revealed a new manufacturing facility of "thin film sputtering". This puts them at the leading edge of window film technology where only a few others can compete.
Tint Waikato and Tint Solutions have embraced ASWF a while back, due to their ability to manufacture 72" roll width and a selection of high quality window tints in new colour hues.

The Day Dream Series has proven to become a firm favourite with our customers with its high optical clarity and warm colour to see through.
On double glazed windows, DD35 offers privacy, without darkening the room. It also rejects over 95% UV and 52% heat. This compliments the double glazing's ability to retain winter warmth and reduce noise transmission.
The darker versions of the Day Dream series offer higher heat rejection, privacy and glare reduction.
The warm colour makes this a preferred choice over the traditional cooler colours in many situations.
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